Royal Vagas Fitness Studio (BFS) was first established on Wilshire Blvd back in 2009 until we transferred to a new location on Santa Monica Blvd in 2012. Our fitness studio strives to provide an energetic and happy vibe with our state of the art equipments and our colourful and warm workout area.

Royal Vagas Fitness Studio is all about providing everyone with a fitness plan that works. We at BFS strongly believe that health and fitness is not a one size fits all deal, so we commit to bringing everyone up to speed with the best training routines that can be used as well as the additional factors that should be considered.

You will also feel at home thanks to our friendly staff and coaches. We are composed of a brilliant team of fitness coaches that have been in the industry for a considerably long time. We have come up with interesting fitness tips that we have shared to a lot of fitness buffs from all over the state. The training courses we provide are comprehensive, and challenging as we hope to provide the best routine there is.

We offer programs like Cross Fit training, Yoga, High Intensity Workouts, Cardio Boxing, and more. No matter which program you go with, you will surely have a good time and you can expect results in a specific period of time.

At BFS, we value everyone as if they’re a part of the whole family. We help you and everybody else understand health and fitness easily through our expert knowledge in the field of sports and science, anatomy and physiology. We also see to it that we keep you motivated throughout your fitness journey.

Royal Vagas Fitness Studio is more like a small group of individuals who are committed to achieving their personal health goals and at the same time enthusiastically sharing their passion with everyone in the group.